The Sector Partner Pledge

Below are all of the brilliant recruitment agencies, membership bodies and other organisations that play a crucial role in the charity sector, who have signed our pledge to always #ShowTheSalary for the roles they advertise.

We expect many more names to be added in the coming weeks so please check back regularly and show your support for:

“At Ashby Jenkins Recruitment, we are delighted to join the Show the Salary pledge.

As an agency committed to supporting equality, diversity and inclusion across the charity sector we understand the impact that not including a salary on job adverts can have on minority groups, particularly women and BAME candidates As such, we commit to always advertising roles with salary ranges displayed.

Bruce Tait Associates fully supports Show the Salary and the need for ethical recruitment in the voluntary sector.

Not doing so leads to significant discrimination based on gender and ethnicity and we should all play a part in addressing this.

Cadence Partners pledge our full support to #ShowTheSalary and all initiatives that further the equality agenda. Times are changing and it’s no longer acceptable for UK organisations to perpetuate systems and processes that discriminate and promote inequality.

We are committed to supporting others to do the right thing and be transparent. Action matters. Now.”

“Here at Charity Horizons we have always, and will continue to, display the salary on all our adverts. We are committed to ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion across the sector and as such are delighted to be a part of the Show the Salary campaign.

In doing so we join the movement to tackle the unfair pay gaps that remain to be an issue within the sector.

“In January 2020 we at Charity People committed to refusing to work on roles with organisations that didn’t or wouldn’t publicise a salary.

Not listing a salary only continues to perpetuate the various unfair pay gaps that continue to exist.”

“At The Charity Retail Consultancy, we believe that embracing diversity and inclusion is the best and only way to work.

That’s why we pledge to always #ShowTheSalary in every job we advertise or promote, ensuring transparency and fairness to all candidates.”

“At Public Leaders Appointments, values and ethics are at the heart of all we do. We believe that encouraging and attracting diverse candidates is critical to the success of all charities.

We pledge to #ShowTheSalary for every role that we advertise; removing unfair barriers across the sector and ensuring transparency and fairness for all prospective candidates.”

“Job hunting, CV writing and prepping for interviews can be exhausting and hard to navigate at the best of times so why are we putting additional barriers in the way?

The evidence is out there, if you don’t #ShowTheSalary, you are perpetuating inequality and it is yet another massive hurdle to climb. Gamma Talent is proud to stand alongside this campaign”

Money Tree Fundraising: “Change is hard. As a sector we know that because we work to bring about change every day. And we are not immune from the need to change just because we work in this sector. If we cannot lead by example then surely our campaigns to make the world better become hollow and meaningless?

The evidence is clear: hiding a salary perpetuates the gender pay gap. Hiding a salary creates discrimination from the very start of the process. #ShowTheSalary is the only way to combat this.”

As a long standing recruitment partner to the charity sector Morgan Hunt strives to further best practice, equality, diversity and opportunity in the industry.

We have pledged to always #ShowTheSalary in support for abolishing discriminatory practices that create wage gaps and division.”

Polly Symondson Recruitment pledges full support to Show the Salary and any other initiatives that drive equality and diversity within the charity sector. We all have a part to play in making the sector fairer and more accessible. Change is coming.

Fundraising Jobs was set up to operate fairly and ethically by levelling the playing field for all charities and fundraisers alike, regardless of who they are, where they are based or the size of their budget.

We wholeheartedly support salary transparency and any other initiatives that align with our desire to remove unfair barriers from within the charity sector.”

Small Charities Coalition: “When equality and equity are so important in the charitable sector, there is no reason why those fortunate enough to have the income to employ staff should not disclose salary levels.

Making clear salaries in recruitment inspires confidence, demonstrates a commitment to equality and enables transparency – the hallmarks of a good employer

“For 25 years, TPP Recruitment has had a foundation of ethics and principles. We want all people to feel valued, empowered and to have the opportunity to change their lives and that of others through work. We support Show the Salary and commit to ensuring all job adverts show a salary.

Our annual salary surveys play a part in raising awareness of pay gaps in the sector and we will continue to strive for fairness and equality.

Understanding Recruitment is delighted to pledge our full support to #ShowTheSalary and commit to displaying salaries on all our adverts.

Having supported the charity sector for 8 years, we understand the negative effects and continued disparity caused by salary secrecy. We are dedicated to addressing these discriminatory practices and others, to promote inclusivity and equality within the charity sector.”

“Such an easy decision for us to sign this pledge. The Right Ethos is about finding candidates not only with the right experience – but crucially the right values. Top of the list of these values is a commitment to equality of opportunity.

Showing the salary just makes sense for all involved in the recruitment process.

Quote to come.

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising is proud to sign up to the #ShowTheSalary pledge. We want to see the fundraising profession become one where everyone is ‘the right fit’.

Through our own #ChangeCollective strategy we are encouraging charities to be transparent recruiters and employers and #ShowTheSalary is one of the most obvious ways to demonstrate this, helping to build an inclusive and diverse sector we can all be proud of.”

Prospectus: “As recruiters, we recognise the important role we play in building more inclusive organisations, at every level from Board to operational delivery. Which is why we are delighted to be part of the show the salary campaign.

As well as signing the pledge we are continuing to build the value of this approach into our ongoing learning and development programme for all our teams, so we can continue to challenge ourselves to improve our outcomes in equity, diversity and inclusion.

Aquilas believes that diversity should be celebrated, and inclusion should be the norm. We believe that encouraging diverse talent is crucial to the success of all charities.

We are determined to break down unfair barriers to recruiting a true inclusive and diverse workforce which is why are proud to support Show the Salary and any other campaign that promotes inclusivity and equality within the charity sector.

Quote to come.

Are you a jobs board, recruitment agency, membership body or other sector partner and want to feature on this page? Complete the form to register your interest in taking the pledge to always Show The Salary and we’ll be in touch!

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